Our Products

We are a Record Label. As such, we take your raw musical creations and record them onto playable media products (CDs) for the enjoyment of music lovers at large.

One of our latest products is De LaNoche, a selection of superb romantic nocturnes delicately rendered with the Classical Guitar by the world class musical poet Carlo Pezzimenti.

A recording we recently acquired the rites to is Solitude. This is a collection of lovely sonatas, nocturnes and studies composed by Ernesto Garcia de Leon and masterfully rendered by Carlo Pezzimenti.

In late 2009, we released The Silver Guitar (La Guitarra de Plata). It features Carlo Pezzimenti and Brian Rowe performing compositions by Martin Pedreira, Ernesto Garcia de Leon, and Brian Clement Foreman. The delicateness and the musical aesthetics of the compositions and rendering leave one wanting for more.

Carlo and Brian collaborated on Spain to the Americas (Music of the Twentieth Century) which was recorded on April 11, 2013. On this video recording, Carlo plays a Santos Hernandez guitar crafted in 1931. Brian plays a Jose Ramirez guitar made by Jose Flores in 1968. The performances are just beautiful.