Carlo Pezzimenti  SOLITUDE

Preludio, the first track sets the tone for this wonderful collection of soothing, contemplative sonatas, nocturnes and study pieces. As the subsequent tracks unfold, you get transported to a pieceful garden full of various enchanting musical nuances and colors. This is pure magic!

Solitude is a collection of contemplative pieces composed by Ernesto Garcia de Leon and dedicated to various notable composers, musicians and friends of his. Danza en la Solidad was dedicated to Carlo Pezzimenti himself.

This is definitely one of Carlo Pezzimenti's best recordings. Different clasical guitars ranging from Tezanos-Perez, Rozas, Fleta, to Manzanero, were used on different tracks. The discerning ear may detect the subtle characteristic differences between the instruments. The recording itself was done in a live setting at the Little Chapel In The Woods on the Texas Womens University Campus in Denton, Texas. This is indeed a lovely recording from the beginning to the end.

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Track Listing

    Ernesto Garcia De Leon

    Sonata Contemplativa
  1. Preludio Op. 37, No.22 (Tezanos-Perez) 4:57
  2. Cancion, from Sonata No.1, Op.13 (Tezanos-Perez) 7:30
  3. Balada, Op.2 (I. Rozas) 5:22
  4. Sonata Evocativa
  5. Preludio, from Suite Tropical, Op.17 (Tezanos-Perez) 5:22
  6. Lento, from Sonata No.3, Op.31 (Tezanos-Perez) 7:46
  7. Son, from Sonata No.2, Op.21 (Tezanos-Perez) 6:53
  8.    Three Nocturnes
  9. Nocturno - "Danza en la Solidad", Op.57 (Tezanos-Perez) 5:30
  10. Nocturno - "Para Gonzalo", Op.40 (Tezanos-Perez) 4:46
  11. Nocturno - "Un Laberinto de Brisas", Op.23 (F. Manzanero) 4:17
  12.    Nine Studies from Opus 50
  13. No. 16 - Puesta del Sol (Sunset) (I. Rozas) 1:31
  14. No. - La Cajita de Musica (The Music Box) (I. Rozas) 0:54
  15. No. 1 - Llorando (Crying) (I. Rozas) 2:41
  16. No. 10 - Danza (Dance) (I. Rozas) 1:38
  17. No. 17 - Luciernegas (Fireflies) (I. Rozas) 1:53
  18. No. 4 - Madre e Hijo (Mother and Son) (I. Fleta) 1:21
  19. No. 8 - El Desierto (The Desert) (I. Fleta) 1:34
  20. No. 18 - Padre e Hija (Father and Daughter) (F. Manzanero) 2:15
  21. No. 6 - La Ciudad y el Jardin (The City and the Garden) (I. Rozas) 2:05